Network formed


On 4th October 2022 there was a scoping discussion about the prospects of a network to coordinate activities focused on and surround the concept of response diversity. A list of persons to invite to this discussion was created to be as inclusive and broad as possible within fields of ecology, evolution and their related fields. It was clear, however, that membership of any network would need to be even more diverse than those invited.

Those involved in the scoping discussions were enthusiastic about such a network, for its potential to coordinate meta-analyses, to overcome longstanding challenges, to coordinate the collection and curation of response traits, to help mix theory and empiricism, and because “networks are almost always a great thing!”. Numerous other opportunities and challenges were discussed and can be viewed in the notes from the scoping meeting pdf 0.1MB. The slides used in the chat are here pdf 4.9MB. Based on the enthusiasm and support expressed in the scoping discussions, the decision was made to start the network! Every network needs a logo, so we quickly got to work on that, and you can see the result in the top left of this web page.